Hitch Up and Move West

Real Estate

This has been a super year at Possum Kingdom Lake and the surrounding areas for Farm, Ranch, and Land.  Many home buyers are looking to purchase property that gets them out of the city for varying reasons such as vacation homes, farming and ranching, hunting and more. 

The land surrounding Possum Kingdom Lake and neighboring towns are still relatively low; however, we could start to see prices slowly start going up as more people start moving westward out of the Metroplex. 

Here are some hard numbers that are available to share out of the Multiple Listing Service, but there could be other sales that were conducted ‘off market’ and not included. 

Possum Kingdom Lake Including Zip Code 76449 

- 73 lots sold at Possum Kingdom Lake between $6K - $350K

     - 30 lots below $50K

     - 21 lots between $51K - $100K

     - 22 lots over $100K

- 23 of the 73 lots sold were at The Hills Above Possum Kingdom Lake (where I live). I was involved in the sale of approximately 16 of those lots plus an additional 3 conducted off market. 

In Young County, including the sweet small-town of Graham where we shop and attend church. Approximately 18 tracts of land were sold varying from 9 acres to 178 acres listed between $32K to $345K. 

In the Mineral Wells area is definite growing area and is known for the Baker Hotel and Crazy Water Hotel.

- 15 tracts of land sold over $100K from 1 acre to 99 acres 

- 21 lots sold from $5K to $51K varying from .1 acre to 10 acres

- 1 10-acre tract of land at 85K  

If you are interested in purchasing land to build your own house, please feel free to contact me at 817.637.8835. I am able to travel and help you through the process all throughout Possum Kingdom, Young County and Mineral Wells. 

Be aware, many of the developments throughout Possum Kingdom and Young County do have either an HOA or a POA with some restrictions. Most of the developments in Minerals Wells are outside of HOA/POA restrictions. Be sure to make this into consideration when selecting a plot of land to build on.