How to Have a Successful Garage Sale


What to sell…

When people are out looking at garage sales, they want to see a little bit of everything.
When prospective customers drive by, they’ll more likely stop for tables that are full of items, than just a few things laid out.

Never underestimate the value of absolute junk. If you haven’t used something in the past year, then sell it.

Dealers and antique collectors frequent garage sales, so clearly display one-of-a-kind items.

Dressers, bookcases, baskets, tables, toys, and tools attract traffic, and be sure to test appliances.


How to price…

Price all items clearly. Customers may assume that unmarked items are out of their price range.

Also, be prepared to negotiate. Most garage sale experts say 10 to 30 percent of retail is a fair price.


How to display…

Clean everything! Dirty dishes fetch a far lower price than their clean counterparts.

Large items bring the most foot traffic. Experts recommend waiting until you have multiple large items before having a sale.

Clothing on racks sells higher than similar items thrown on a blanket, so hang a line in your garage or buy a portable rack.

How to advertise…

Place an ad in a newspaper. If you partner with neighbors, you can usually split the cost.

Make bold, bright, neatly lettered signs. Place them in order to direct traffic to your house. (Don’t forget to take them down when the sale is over!)

You can also post the information online like Facebook and Craigslist.


When to sell…

Always check the weather when planning your sale. Even if you’re having your sale is indoors, bad weather keeps customers at home.

Saturday is often the best day for a sale, but in some places, people favor Thursday and Friday sales. If you are new to an area, ask around.


What to do with leftovers…

Store them for another day. What didn’t sell now may be in high demand next year.

Give them away or donate them.