How to Host a Great Cookout


With the sun staying up longer and the warm weather finally here, summertime is the perfect opportunity to host a backyard cookout with friends and family. With many families preparing to host their first one of the season on Memorial Day weekend, here are some great tips for having a memorable gathering.

Backyard Games

Pull out the corn hole or washer boards, set-up lawn golf, carve out a horseshoe pit, or raise the net for volleyball. Having activities for your guest to enjoy will not only get them moving and talking, it’s also a great way for them to break the ice if they don’t know each other.

Fire Up the Grill

Whether you’re doing all the cooking, or everyone is bringing their own dish, the grill is a great way to encourage everyone to stay outside and it helps keep the house cool. What’s great is you’re able to cook everything on the grill from your favorite meat to veggies.

Consider a Theme

When you tack on a theme to the party, it encourages guest to come dressed the part. Set the tone of the party by adding decorations and incorporating your menu to match. Take it a step further and have a prize for whoever portrays the theme the best.

Turn on a Movie

Turn your backyard into a movie theater. If you don’t have an outdoor TV set, simply hang a white sheet using over some sturdy wire. All you need is a standard film projector and you’re ready to screen your favorite movies in the comfort of your own backyard. Be sure to remind your guest to bring chairs or blankets to sit on.

Don’t Forget Candles

It’s no secret that mosquitoes love the Texas heat. Make sure you stock up on bug spray and citronella candles to help keep them away.

Get Creative with Your Food

We all know that food is what makes a good cookout, so think outside of the box when it comes to preparing your menu. Instead of just having watermelon, cut it up and drizzle balsamic reduction and feta over the top. Doing burgers? Go for the specialty cheeses such as Gouda or pepper jack and Hawaiian buns. Here is a great recipe to try!

Create a Signature Cocktail

Whether it’s a punch, mojitos or margaritas, there are so many ways to create cocktails and mocktails now. Check out some great options here.