Possum Pedal & Beyond: Reasons to Visit Graham, TX


Are you ready to ride? The annual Possum Pedal bike ride is just around the corner in Graham, TX, and this year new routes are being provided. This annual event is taking place on August 15, 2020. While it typically coincides with the Food Truck Championship, due to the coronavirus, the Food Truck Championship was canceled.

Why should you attend the annual Possum Pedal bike ride? Because it takes you back to a time when life moved just a little bit slower. A time when everyone you passed greeted you with a smile, and you never knew a stranger. Travel through Southwestern Young County on the route of your choosing, including 6, 27, 42, 54.5, 61, and 76-mile options and take in the beautiful scenery of Graham, South Bend, Eliasville, and Fort Belknap. Possum Pedal is considered a great warm-up option for those preparing for the Hotter N Hell ride because the terrain is a mix of rolling hills and smooth roads.

The Possum Pedal bike ride kicks off at 7:30 AM and in historic downtown Graham on the square. There will be rest stops along the way, providing water and fruit to help you fuel for your ride. All the details for the Possum Pedal bike ride can be found on the event’s website. You’ll find all the information regarding parking, packet pick-up, rules, and more.

If bike riding isn’t your scene, planning a trip to the quaint town of Graham is still a great way to spend an afternoon. Located about 30-minutes away from Possum Kingdom Lake, Graham offers lots of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Graham is home to one of the few remaining outdoor movie theaters that is still operating in Texas today. Dating back to 1919, the theater was restored in 1980 and is registered on the Texas Landmark registry.  

For those who enjoy history, Graham offers an app available for download on either iPhone or Android called the Action Bound App. You’ll tour the historic downtown square, learn about Graham’s history of cowboys, Indians, oil, and cattle. One of the stops on the tour is the Courthouse Archway. Located within the square, “The Arch” is the only remainder of a courthouse built in 1884.

In addition to the downtown tour, Fort Belknap is available for touring. The fort was the northern anchor of a series of U.S. Army Forts stretching from the Red River down to the Rio Grande. It was built to protect the Texas frontier from bands of Indians in the area.

If you just need a change of scenery when it comes to your outdoor fun, Graham is home to Lake Graham and Lake Eddleman, which are joined by the equalization channel. There are two public boat ramps available on Lake Graham and another on Lake Eddleman. Campsites and picnic areas can be found along the shores of Lake Eddleman, and fisherman can find Largemouth Bass, White Crappie, Hybrid Striped Bass, White Bass, and Channel Catfish.

When it comes to lodging, visitors have their choice of hotels, bed and breakfasts, campaign and RV sites, or cabins. No matter what your budget, Graham has a place for you.

To start planning your trip to Graham for Possum Pedal or a weekend getaway, be sure to check out VisitGrahamTexas.com.