Red Bull Cliff Diving


After kicking off the 2016 season, the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition is making it’s way back to Possum Kingdom. The competition will take place September 3rd - 4th at the famous Hell’s Gate and will be the fourth stop on the 2017 world tour. The tour kicked off in Europe before traveling across the pond to Texas where men and women both will be diving for victory.

Hell’s Gate, adjacent to Devil's Island, is made up of two 30 meter cliffs that make even the biggest boats look dwarf-life. At nearly three times the Olympic diving platform height, the divers dives and complex tricks enhance the natural wonders that surrounds the lake.

The event is free, but keep in mind there is no land to view the competition, a watercraft is needed to watch the event, and because this is Texas, the weather has a mind of it’s own. Be sure to check the Red Bull Cliff Diving Facebook page for updates and changes.

The event times are below. If you can’t make it out to the lake, be sure to watch it live on Facebook.

Event Start: 12:00 PM

Competition Start: 2:00 PM

Red Bull TV Live & Facebook Live: 3:00 PM