Spring Break in Possum Kingdom


The kids are getting restless and the teachers need a break. This can only mean one thing…Spring Break is here. For many, Spring Break is a time to head out of town on a week-long vacation. Maybe you’re not ready to give up on winter so you have a ski trip planned, or you’re (un)patiently waiting until the weather to get warm enough to spend your days by the pool, so you head down south toward the beach. For many, Spring Break doesn’t bring a vacation, but rather a week of panic trying figure out how to entertain the kids. If you’re one of those who will be staying home and you’re wondering how to fill the days, here are some great ways to keep busy.

· Plan a staycation at Lush Resort. All three pools will be heated so you won’t have to make the drive to Florida to get your feet wet.

· Go for a picnic at Possum Kingdom National Park. While you’re there, you can enjoy the day fishing, hiking, biking, and just being part of nature.

· If the kids are old enough, have each of them plan a meal that week. Instruct them to sit down and make a list of ingredients they’ll need, take them to the store and let them be in charge of cooking. For those with older kids, turn it into a competition. Instead of taking them to the store to plan a meal, have your own version of Chopped Junior and use what you already have in the house.  

· Camp-out in the backyard. If the weather is still too cold, build a fort in the living room to ‘camp’ in.

· We’ve all been taught not to litter, but sometimes we don’t realize how much litter is still out there. Have a volunteer day to pick-up trash around the neighborhood.

· Take a day trip to Fort Worth. Fort Worth offers so many free ways to have fun and learn. Spend a few minutes telling them about JFK at the JFK Tribute, find your favorite art pieces at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, or take a ride on Molly the Trolley.

· For those with daughters, plan a spa day. Plan out lunch with small finger sandwiches, let them each pick their favorite nail polish, and maybe even a facial mask. Don’t forget to cut up the cucumbers for them to put over their eyes.

· Let the neighborhood kids each make a pinewood derby car and host a race.

· Put together backyard Olympics. Events could include a three-legged race, egg toss, fence-to-fence races, football throw, or a hula-hoop contest. Don’t forget the opening and closing ceremonies. 

Regardless of how you spend your Spring Break, in the end, all your kids will remember are the ways you worked to create memories with them. Don’t fret over not taking them on a week-long vacation, so much fun can be had in your own backyard!